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Improving your approach to Asset & Fault Management

Addressing pain points from all industries with a smart, flexible and cost-effective asset and fault management solution.

For smooth, resilient and efficient running of systems, assets and devices

The Nicander AFMS is a value for money solution providing a proven, integrated fault, repairs and inventory management system and user-friendly mobile application.

It incorporates full asset registration, inventory check and management functionality, optimises the availability and longevity of assets and offers a streamlined working solution.

Whether SaaS or OnPrem, it is built for all asset infrastructure for the “operate” phase of an asset’s lifecycle, connecting stakeholders with a single source of truth for informed data-driven decisions and managing efficient operational processes across multiple and truly hierarchical asset classes.

The Nicander AFMS can be utilised across a broad range of industries and sectors. No matter where you operate, this solution can meet the most complex requirements.



The AFMS enables asset managers to easily link their data strategy to clear operational objectives and business outcomes through common key performance indicators. Its dashboard and reporting capabilities provide deep insight into root causes of failure, lower whole-life costs, extended reliability, improved stakeholder cooperation, increased resource productivity, preservation of knowledge and information sharing.


Increasing Operational Efficiencies

Maintenance and inspection tasks can be managed using the mobile application or the web service. Interaction with the system is simplified through optimising yes/no and pass/fail answers, check boxes and multiple choice. Assets can be scanned or identified manually by the user. A single licence fee and ‘bring your own device’ lowers cost of ownership.


Responding Quickly & Appropriately

The AFMS real-time interface, GIS mapping and mobile application enable fast fault rectification. The easy-to-use application allows appropriate allocation of maintenance tasks and to improve response times and ensure faults are dealt with correctly. Geospatial data and interactive maps provide details of locations, and process descriptions and equipment identification are also available. In addition, documents and photos can be quickly attached.


Transparency of Information

AFMS provides increased simplicity of data capture and display with the benefit of only having to enter the data once. A clear, visual, historic record of whole life asset lifecycle is achieved and fully integrated. It can be linked to KPIs to provide a wider operational picture and its powerful knowledgebase is supported by a flexible reporting dashboard. This means low training costs and a fast appreciation of potential problem areas.


Scalability and Accessibility

As the system is web-based it is accessible from anywhere and by any authorised user with access to the internet or intranet, including running on tablets and smart phones. The system has been designed for scalability; its open architecture enables safe and secure accessibility to system data and the ability to run the system in the cloud and on multiple platforms.

Maintenance and support

Maximising Asset Life and Value

Asset life is often extended if faults are fixed quickly meaning maximum value is obtained from asset.  Total cost of ownership information also informs the most appropriate allocation of capital expenditure on new and replacement assets. All reporting can be automatically triggered.


Reducing Downtime and Failures

AFMS offers a simple and effective maintenance and inspection scheduling system resulting in fewer failures. Should a fault occur, it can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Notifications are easily configured to ensure all users know when inspections are due, maintenance tasks are to be completed, asset status changes, etc.


Detecting Problems in Real Time

Our system delivers remote real-time updates to asset life-cycle management. Tasks can be raised from a variety of sources including remotely via the mobile application. Faults are quickly assessed and prioritised with efficient notification processes in place to appropriate teams and contractors. The AFMS mobile application facilitates effective service delivery, supporting staff in a real-time manner, with all the tools at their fingertips, providing managers with a real-time view of asset and task status.


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We work across a number of sectors globally including Local and National Government, Transport, Emergency Services, and the Private Sector, delivering award winning solutions.

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We work across a number of sectors globally including Local and National Government, Transport, Emergency Services, and the Private Sector, delivering award winning solutions.

Explore our services