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At Nicander, we work with clients from multiple sectors on a global basis. Our software solutions are tailored towards specific requirements and place clients at the leading edge of information management solutions.

We focus on making a difference by



Network operations efficiency



Personal and business mobility



Major improvements in road network safety and congestion



Asset performance and maintenance efficiency

City Authorities

Authorities around the world continue to invest in technology-based solutions that improve the welfare and wellbeing of their citizens. As an industry, sustainability is something we are all totally invested in; creating better assets, workplaces and communities that are here for the long-term.

A smart city is the result of the seamless interaction of the numerous digitally supported technologies in the fields of transport and built infrastructure. Cities need clarity and valid information from their data to be able to make informed decisions. They also need to be alerted as quickly as possible when things go wrong and what needs to be put right to ensure the continued effective and efficiency delivery of services.

We have all changed the way we live and work recently, and the delivery of digital solutions to enable this change has been critical to our well-being at home and at work. Smart, digital technologies provide the key to creating liveable, adaptable, accessible, and sustainable urban communities.

Nicander’s mission is to maximise the opportunity created by this investment by exploring solutions, whatever their size, that create intelligence and value. We do this by taking available data sources and linking existing systems with new software-based solutions to ensure all data and infrastructure assets are performing as needed by authorities, planners, investors and residents. Nicander’s solutions have been proven to enhance public transport efficiencies, encourage active travel, minimise the impact of travel on our environment, and better respond to incidents and events. We provide systems to support vehicle prioritisation and reduce traffic congestion, manage incidents and events on our transport networks, provide effective response to weather and poor air quality events, and more.

It’s often about looking for small incremental improvements, taking stock and going again. As such, continual improvement is at the heart of every decision we make.

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Government & National Transport Agencies

We recognise the pressures that all Transport Agencies are under globally. From improving road safety and air quality to effectively maintaining a wide variety of assets, whilst minimising disruption to the traveling public. In addition, the sector has to manage budget and resources – challenges that continue to impact on service delivery.

For Transport Authorities, the safe operation of assets and their environmental footprint is being increasingly scrutinised by external agencies. Climate change continues to influence the transport landscape and as an industry we have a responsibility to do what we can to enable greener travel – this means we need to meet the ever-changing needs of citizens – providing them with information about travel choices.

Stockholm City By-Pass

Strategic road networks are the most important asset a country can own with the seamless and effective movement of people and goods having a direct link to any nation’s economy. But with a wealth of different roads linking the travelling public with other parts of the strategic networks as well as with local roads, bridges, tunnels and waterways, having the right information at the right time is crucial to the complex management of the network as a whole.

Smart Female IT Programmer Working on Desktop Computer in Data Center System Control Room. Team of Young Professionals Doing Code Programming

Key to this, is bringing together information from a wealth of differences sources including roads, Smart Motorways, tunnels, tolling systems, bridges and structures, roadworks schedules, automatic incident and congestion detection, vehicle access control, congestion charging, vehicle tracking and management, urban traffic signalling and signing, tidal flow, lighting, air quality, fire, asset and fault management.


Nicander has worked on providing just that as part of its work on the National Traffic Management System. This integrates urban, inter-urban and rural monitoring and control systems into a single expert management platform providing advanced traffic management of the network. It is designed to operate at the supervisory level, integrating multiple systems into a streamlined network management tool. The system acts as an umbrella over all network systems monitoring, analysing, making decisions and commanding systems and devices as a single management facility.


We have played our part in maximising reliability, delivering consistency and reducing operating costs by delivering an award-winning advanced decision support system that is focused on operational effectiveness and client outcomes.

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Enterprise/Private Sector

Organisations need to be able to keep up with the pace of change, this may include scaling services to meet demand, implementing tools to aid profitability, streamlining processes to increase efficiencies, improving quality of service…

Understanding in more detail how assets are performing and integrating with each other, helps organisations to do this. In addition, without a clear understanding of your assets and quick responses to faults, where applicable, many organisations would face costs that quickly escalate out of control.


Every business, whether small or large, wants to be able to have an easy-to-use central system that connects to other systems to provide a holistic view with an easy-to-use interface and valuable real-time and historical reporting tools. This supports effective data exchange which in turn enables informed decision making and improved management of physical assets and provision of services.

Nicander’s solutions enable asset managers to easily link their data strategies to clear operational objectives and business outcomes through common key performance indicators. Its dashboard and reporting capabilities provide deep insight into root causes of failure, lower whole-life costs, extended reliability, improved stakeholder cooperation, increased resource productivity, preservation of knowledge and information sharing, thereby saving significant capital and operational costs.

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Blue Light/Emergency Services

If you are operating in the emergency services or blue light sector having instant information at your fingertips is crucial to the effective delivery of the services you provide.

As with many government organisations, the blue light sector has seen increasing pressure on services in the face of rising demand in recent years, whilst also facing a significant reduction in budgets. This has led to a requirement for inter-service collaboration and operational efficiencies along with a need to make the best use of public funds and secure maximum value from budgets available.

We understand the demands on budgets and services and recognise the sector requires intelligent, flexible and agile software solutions to provide better data and information which helps service providers understand how they can be more effective and efficient.

Whether it is gaining more detail on how fleets are performing or keeping track of any faults, valid information means better decisions can be made. Ensuring every piece of equipment is available and fully operational is critical to the delivery of a safe service.

Nicander - Intelligent Solutions

Nicander’s solutions can integrate compliance related modules into a single solution with significantly more functionality; automating wider manual paper-based processes, improving asset inspections with easy-to-use mobile app services, maintaining easily accessible evidence and log records, and delivering oversight of people, process and asset performance.

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We work across a number of sectors globally including Local and National Government, Transport, Emergency Services, and the Private Sector, delivering award winning solutions.

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We work across a number of sectors globally including Local and National Government, Transport, Emergency Services, and the Private Sector, delivering award winning solutions.

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