The Problem

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) as the contracting authority has established a Framework Agreement for the provision of Traffic Management Technology (TMT), intended to be accessed by UK Central Government, Devolved Administrations, Local Transport Authorities and Combined Authorities, Health and Police, to assist them in meeting their duties under the Traffic Management Act.

The new TMT Framework is a second generation service that replaces an existing framework, and will deliver local, regional and national TMT services across the full project lifecycle. CCS has established a number of Lots for the procurement of goods and services each being focused on a type of technology or service. This 4-year agreement is expected to last until September 2020.

The Solution

Nicander has secured places on the following Lots:

Lot 3.  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data Systems – GIS-based traffic, incident, environmental and planning management systems.

Lot 7.  Urban Traffic Management Control and Common Database Systems – Urban Traffic Control (UTC) and Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC) systems, selective vehicle priority detection, congestion charging and data exchange.

Lot 8.  Asset Data Capture and Management – Surveys to capture asset data, LiDAR, high resolution photography, ground penetrating radar and asset data management.

Lot 12.  Traffic Management Technology Professional Services – Traffic management technology professional services, including research, consultancy, project management etc.

Lot 14.  Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) – goods and services relating to this Lot can include the deployment, provision, integration, application maintenance, system administration, testing and/or development of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), including Active / Advanced Traffic Management, tunnel and bridge control (SCADA), prediction and simulation, traffic information and data, co-operative ITS / connected vehicles and autonomous vehicle systems, vehicle compliance and tracking, signs and signal management for urban and national networks, and traffic technology asset management, fault management and diagnostics.

Lot 15.  Catalogue – the catalogue is used for the purchase of commoditised goods, services and works associated with any item, within the scope of the Lots listed above.

Other Lots under the framework include:

    • Lot 1.     Traffic Signal Junctions, Controlled Pedestrian Crossings and Ramp Metering
    • Lot 2.     Traffic Monitoring and Traffic Enforcement Cameras
    • Lot 4.     Variable Message Signs.
    • Lot 5.     Parking and Access Control Systems.
    • Lot 6.     Environmental Monitoring Systems (Fixed and mobile)
    • Lot 9.     Street and Exterior Lighting
    • Lot 10.   Sustainable Transport Infrastructure
    • Lot 11.   Traffic Management Communications.
    • Lot 13.    Ancillary Roadside Equipment