The Problem

A large-scale national platform for traffic management throughout the country was required for both urban, inter-urban and rural transport, improving traffic flow and reducing negative effects of congestion.

It needed to create an environment for high quality traffic management and co-operative multi-stakeholder working whilst managing traffic through four fully integrated, regional control centres.

The Solution

Nicander developed and provides ongoing support for a National Transport Authority for their national system which integrates urban, inter-urban and rural monitoring and control systems into a single expert management platform providing advanced traffic management of the network. It is designed to operate at the supervisory level, integrating multiple systems into a streamlined network management tool. The system acts as an umbrella over all network systems monitoring, analysing, making decisions and commanding systems and devices as a single management facility.

The system integrates over 60 systems and 10,000 devices of over 100 different types into a single management system. The system integrates: SMART Motorways, tunnel and bridge control, roadworks schedules, automatic incident and congestion detection, vehicle access control, congestion charging, vehicle tracking and management, urban traffic signalling and signing, tidal flow, lighting, air quality, fire, asset and fault management and SCADA. The system integrates client databases for information exchange and management. Information is provided through DATEXII to third party service providers, RDS-TMC and in-vehicle systems. It manages over 7,500 contacts.

We maximise reliability, deliver consistency and reduce operating costs by virtualising the application to run in a private cloud infrastructure; the system has over 99.9% availability.