The Problem

The management of the fault lifecycle of all ITS equipment in Dublin, including SCATS, and its routine inspection and maintenance to ensure ITS service delivery for the largest authority and most populated region in Ireland.

The Solution

Nicander designed, developed, delivered and support an integrated asset and fault management system (AFMS) for Dublin City Council (DCC) to manage the fault lifecycle of ITS equipment in Dublin. The system is used by in-house staff and third party contractors across the region to optimise equipment availability. Faults are diagnosed automatically through system interfaces to monitor the roadside devices.  The AFMS won ITS Ireland’s Award for Innovation in 2014.

Management services are delivered through internet based connectivity including mobile apps to facilitate service delivery and aid traffic equipment maintenance in a real time field based environment. Access to the system is securely available from smartphones to allow field engineers to view and enter all necessary information directly from the roadside.

The system optimises availability of client ITS assets across the region to reliably support information and control services and minimise service support costs. By detecting, logging and notifying users and companies of faulty ITS assets, action can be quickly taken to rectify problems and minimise equipment downtime. The system includes inventory management capability to enable the effective management of all field equipment. The implementation of the system includes a contract specific asset management/inventory facility with an associated mobile device to allow inspections to be carried out remotely.

DCC and contractors are able to effectively plan all routine maintenance tasks, whether recurring or one-off, and real time completion of inspection reports is enabled, improving the health of the infrastructure, staff utilisation and operational efficiency.

Servers are deployed in a virtual VMware infrastructure, conform to open standards and use facilities to provide high availability operation. The system operates within a secured website using industry best practice, and utilises the latest in mobile phone and tablet technologies for real-time connectivity and operation. It features fully customisable reporting and rules for sending alerts by email and SMS. Multiple web browsers are supported.

The system delivers services to multiple client staff, contractors and other stakeholders as part of a fully integrated online service. The web access is configured and encrypted for secure web access using multiple browsers.