The Problem

The new Stockholm by-pass will be one of the World’s largest road tunnels, comprising a series of underground 6-lane motorway tunnels totalling 21km in length. It will become the world’s second longest road tunnel in the proximity of a city, after the Yamate Tunnel in Tokyo. The enormous scale of this project roadside and tunnel equipment (around 15,000 devices) and complexity of the systems involved, required the identification of expert system integrators with unparalleled expertise in this field to ensure timely and safe delivery.

The Solution

In December 2018 and January 2019, five prime contracts were signed for the major installation of technical systems in E4 Förbifart Stockholm, for a total value of approximately SEK 4 billion, including the telecommunications, control and monitoring (SCADA) systems to be delivered by Siemens. This fully integrated communications platform controls all safety functions throughout the tunnels, including CCTV camera surveillance, radio and mobile cellular telephone networks, and fire and incident detection systems.

Nicander have been tasked with the development and testing of the central traffic management system that will integrate and test the Siemens platform through its development into 2021.  The system will be developed, configured and tested to ensure that the construction remains on programme and sections are opened on time. The final sections of the tunnel will open in 2030.