Case Study – Dublin FMS

Optimising the availability of traffic management technology.

Case Study – Mersey Gateway Project

A fully integrated asset, fault and service Information Management Platform.

Case Study – Asset and Fault Management, TII

An Internet-based solution that integrates the management of  assets with mobile app functionality.

Case Study – City By-Pass SCADA System Integration

The integration of complex systems ensuring safe and timely delivery.

Case Study – Dublin Traffic Signal Priority

Delivering vehicle priority across the city. Reducing costs and improving journey times.

Case Study – CHARM ATMS

Design and delivery of interface software modules. Part of the CHARM Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) for National Highways.

Case Study – Dublin Quality Bus Corridors

Database to store performance data  used as a basis for a suite of valuable reports.

Case Study – Air Quality Management, Smart Motorways

Research project aiming to improve air quality by dynamically changing speed limits in response to predicted poor air quality.

Case Study – Transport Technology and Associated Services Framework (TTAS)

A route to market for transport related technologies previously covered by TMT2 now expanded to include rail, marine, and aviation.

Case Study – European Motorway Control System

Delivery of a lane signalling system using the agile SCRUM methodology.

Case Study – Air Quality Management, GLOSA

Project investigating the deployment of GLOSA to smooth traffic flow on exit ramps, reducing vehicle emissions and wasted fuel.

Case Study – National VMS System

Delivery of a new variable message sign system supporting enhanced operation.