Nicander has created a unique team brought together from a diverse and complementary background to deliver innovation in solution delivery.

Our staff have experience in a range of open standard interfaces as well as delivering bespoke interface solutions for the integration of legacy systems. We comply with the e-Government Strategy Framework Policy and Guidelines for security and assurance.

Your Assurance of Quality

Big Data and the Internet of Things – every day the systems we have delivered gather data from everywhere – sensors gathering traffic condition information, weather and air quality conditions, incidents and events input by operators, to name but a few. Our systems make sense of this data to deliver real and tangible benefits to people and societies using our transport networks.

Smart Cities – our transportation and asset management systems have helped clients meet the mobility and congestion challenges faced by every city. We deliver smart, connected transport technology which plays an important role in transportation planning, helps improve the reliability of multi-modal transport operation and enables informed journey choice for travellers.

Cloud Computing and Virtualisation – we utilise virtualised cloud infrastructure to deliver resilience and reliability of operation and long term value.

Internet and Smart Phones – our solutions make optimal use of off-the-shelf and industry standard technologies; they are aligned with the Internet and adopt common specifications.

Enterprise Service Bus – we understand the importance of delivering flexible connectivity for integrating applications and services whilst at the same time simplifying solutions, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

We are proud to be a small company with the flexibility to respond quickly to customer demands, but we are still big enough to work with partner Universities and OEMs to understand new technologies.