We use various languages and methodologies, matching the technologies to our customers’ needs.

Our staff design software for all kinds of systems from large, distributed ones with strict up-time requirements, down to small software components. Our experience includes all different phases of analysis and design, from requirements capture through to detailed design and covers various methodologies and tools, including waterfall, agile and UML.

We are an adaptable organisation and have experience of many different platforms; our knowledgeable staff pride themselves in being able to analyse and design systems using the best available options. Our core experience includes desktop and server hardware systems and virtual systems using many different operating systems.

Databases are at the heart of the systems we provide to our international clients. Choosing the right solution requires significant capability to match client requirements against database capabilities. There are a large number of database systems on the market, but most of our attention and experience focuses on the top three systems:

Our database and information processing expertise covers a wide range of applications:

MS SQL Server – Microsoft’s flagship database product

Oracle – The major competitor to Microsoft

MySQL – An open source product that has established itself as the de-facto standard for Linux applications.

Real Time – The persistence of real-time information and the effective storage of high throughput data is a key feature of any ITS system. From fault information to individual vehicle data, Nicander have experience of designing, implementing and delivering systems for processing real-time information in a live control room environment where decision making needs to be consistent, fast and effective.

Spatial Information – With maps being a key feature in any ITS systems, we have extensive knowledge in storing spatial information and providing spatial solutions to systems. In previous projects this includes incorporating real-time maps, modelling spatial road networks, route finding and integration of third-party geospatial information.

Reporting – Visualisation of the stored information is a key requirement from our customers. Our collaborative approach and detailed experience ensures we deliver the right reports and dashboard representation to meet client operational and business needs.