Software Development

Nicander are experienced in software development and we use a wide range of technologies and methodologies to meet our customers’demands.

Our staff design software for all kinds of systems from large, distributed ones with strict up-time requirements down to small software components. Our experience includes all different phases of analysis and design, from requirements capture through to detailed design and covers various methodologies and tools, including waterfall, agile and UML.


We are specialists in software development and have a wide range of skilled personnel to develop our systems. We use various languages and methodologies, matching the technologies to our customers’ needs.

Languages – Our core competencies are in the general-purpose languages that we use in most of our systems, namely C, C++ and C#. For web systems, we use the most appropriate technology identified from design discussions; currently this is PHP. For database systems, we have experience in PL/SQL. There are also other languages that we use for special purposes in certain systems, such as Gensym G2 for a knowledge-based expert system component. We also have experience of other languages to support existing and legacy systems. These include Pascal and Visual Basic.

Methodologies – We use many different methodologies in our software development, catering to specific cases and needs as they arise. We are knowledgeable of tried-and-tested design patterns, object-oriented development and functional programming. We use unit testing and test-driven development (TDD) to support our development activities and ensure that quality is baked into our software.

Leading Edge – Knowing the field of software development is fast moving with new developments coming along at a fast pace we like to take advantage of these advances and encourage our software developers to keep track of these new developments and learn these new skills; we continually invest in training courses, conferences and internal study groups to continue learning.


We are an adaptable organisation and we have experience of many different platforms; our knowledgeable staff pride themselves in being able to analyse and design systems using the best available options, even if that means learning new skills. Our core experience includes desktop and server hardware systems and virtual systems using many different versions of Windows, but we also have experience with Linux and OpenVMS.

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