Connecting Systems

Our staff have experience in a range of open standard interfaces as well as delivering bespoke interface solutions for the integration of legacy systems.

We deliver ITS solutions to international clients in accordance with contract requirements including appropriate open standards. We comply with the e-Government Strategy Framework Policy and Guidelines for security and assurance. Key aspects considered as part of our design and development work include:

  • Accessibility
  • Multilingualism
  • Security/Privacy
  • Use of open standards
  • Consideration of COTS products and open-source software
  • Use of multilateral solutions
  • Alignment with the Internet and adoption of common specifications
  • Adoption of XML as primary standard for data integration and presentation
  • Adoption of the browser as the key interface
  • Provision of data to support other information resources

For example, the NTS platform we have delivered in Sweden integrates over 60 systems for data gathering, incident identification and information dissemination through a variety of standard IP interfaces as well as those written to integrate legacy systems, including for bridges, tunnels and ferries/ice-roads. Of these systems, around half follow common interface standards using a mix of Microsoft.Net remoting, web services, XML, ASN.1 and ODBC. Nicander has experience of delivering solutions in accordance with the December 2014 EU Directive with regard to the provision of real-time traffic information services which are fully compatible and interoperable with DATEX II.

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Our map software is compliant with OGC standards and is interoperable with over 20 common map formats.

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