System testing and delivery is not the end our involvement. We work with each client to develop creative, flexible support plans designed to suit the budget, all with agreed and clearly defined service levels.

Services typically might include:

  • A help desk service to enable the Client to log support requests and to provide first-line technical support to users of the Supported Software
  • Handover of a completed project into maintenance
  • Responding to requests for information or assistance
  • Fault / incident evaluation, investigation, diagnosis, correction and resolution
  • Fixing data issues: invalid data, corrupted files, back up and restore problems
  • Investigating upgrade issues: machines, operating systems, service packs and applications software
  • Providing second and third line technical support for products and services
  • Propose, design and deliver enhancements to the supported system
  • Management of sub-contractors and third party suppliers
  • Providing software / hardware upgrades to the supported system including migration, installation and commissioning