Dublin Traffic Signal Priority

Nicander has delivered an enhanced solution on behalf of Dublin City Council to provide traffic signal priority across the City.

The system provides selected vehicle priority at SCATS traffic signal intersections across the Dublin bus fleet, which is equipped with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) equipment. The system takes XML data via a SIRI feed from the AVL system and collates and processes all necessary information to affect the control of selected SCATS signalised junctions.

In Dublin City, the main mode of Public Transport is by bus; the main operator is Dublin Bus, a State owned company with a fleet of over a 1,000 buses, most of which either terminate or pass through the city centre area.  Passengers and operators throughout Dublin today benefit from a range of public transport service improvements including:

  • Selected vehicle priority at traffic signals
  • Map based display for users to better understand bus performance
  • Status information on all buses, including ‘in congestion’ status
  • Colour coded information to assist operator intervention
  • Geospatial monitoring of occupancy, journey times, counts, queuing
  • Resolution to bus ‘bunching’

Some of the benefits of Nicander’s solution include:

Reduced Costs

  • The use of a standard SIRI interface to obtain the data generated by existing AVL infrastructure installed by Dublin Bus which provides a significant cost saving
  • DPTIM is able to use DCC’s existing SCATS traffic signal control system to affect bus movements into and out of the city
  • More efficient bus routes reduce operational costs

Environmental Benefits

  • DPTIM helps DCC and TII to achieve their objective to reduce congestion and make roads safer
  • Buses flowing freely and not queuing, enhances the ambience in areas of the city where queues and congestion occurs
  • Increased efficiency of public transport through DPTIM encourages more bus users with reductions in the number of cars travelling into the city

Improved Efficiencies

  • DPTIM has achieved its main purpose of helping Dublin Bus deliver a reliable, efficient service to all of its customers
  • Operationally, the new DPTIM, with its faster updates, enables greater visibility of issues on the roads. Combined with the CCTV system DPTIM users are able to use this information to detect serious incidents on the network and react accordingly


  • By increasing the potential number of bus users with access to the city there is an expected benefit to the commercial and retail sectors in Dublin. This will help drive investment, sustainability and economic growth in the city


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