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The aim of the Fault Management System (FMS) is to optimise the availability of traffic management technology to reliably support all information and control services and minimise service support costs. By detecting, logging and notifying users and companies of faults in the equipment, action can be quickly taken to rectify faults.

The FMS includes mobile applications to facilitate service delivery to Dublin City Council and aids field technicians in a real time field based environment. This includes an Inventory Management System that provides a facility for automatically assigning periodic inspections of site equipment to be completed in the field by technicians using mobile devices.

Working with Dynniq, Nicander’s role in the contract includes all the software development, mobile applications and routine software maintenance and Nicander provide remote support services from the UK, utilising a dedicated development and test environment and remote access to customer premises.


  • Ability to respond quickly to faults avoids downtime to DCCs traffic control equipment
  • Eliminates wasted travel time therefore minimising travel costs and carbon emissions
  • Optimising maintenance team size and utilisation
  • Removal of time and space-consuming paper-based procedures
  • Maximising first visit fault rectification and optimising activity during a single site visit
  • Equipment is maintained to the highest standard
  • Effective identification, classification and prioritisation of equipment faults
  • Facilitates the identification of poorly performing equipment and root cause analysis
  • Facilitates improved stock control and optimal spares holding
  • Time consuming fault recording tasks are automated and all activity is fully recorded


The DCCFMS2 is a web based Fault Management System which supports multi-user, multi-agency and multi-equipment. It is directly linked to numerous external third party systems for fault information from over thirty different equipment types. Other system functions are:

  • It is open and accessible by registered third parties
  • Support for multiple platforms
  • Mobile devices for in-field management of faults
  • Customisable notification rules for sending fault alerts by emails and SMS
  • Inventory management capability with scheduling of Periodic Inspections (PIs)
  • Faults can be raised manually or automatically
  • Custom reporting facility to allow user reports to be developed
  • The DCCFMS2 system servers are deployed in a VMware infrastructure
  • Flexible and scalable for expansion of the data in order for the system to cater for increases in the numbers of equipment, agencies and users
  • Secured web site using industry best practises




To allow field technicians to enter real time information the system provides a facility to connect from mobile phones or tablet computers. These devices are capable of being used in connected or offline mode allowing the on field technician to continue working when out of mobile data range of the system. Once connection is available, after working in offline mode, the system will automatically be brought up-to-date.

The Fault Manager
This application provides real time information to field technicians, providing current fault information and allowing the field technicians to acknowledge, attend, investigate and complete the faults from the mobile devices. Notifications are provided to the mobile devices to indicate to the technicians if any faults are nearing defined SLA thresholds.

The Field Inventory Management System (FIMS)
As a pre-emptive measure to prevent faults occurring, the system automatically schedules periodic inspections (PI’s). The FIMS application provides the facility for in-field completion of the Inspection reports. Photographs taken while on site can be attached to each PI report. Once complete the PI’s can be submitted from the field or later when back in the office.

To find out more about Dynniq visit their website http://www.dynniq.co.uk/uk

To find out more about Dublin City Council visit their website www.dublin.ie

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